Programme 2010

The Jazz Club is not currently booking visiting acts. However, we're still running our popular Jazz Café.

This is our attempt to open up the club to as large and varied a group of local and not-so-local residents as possible. To this end, it works in a different way to most other music events. Drop in and leave as you like - there's no need to be there at the start or stay until the end if you don't want. Chatting whilst the band plays is positively encouraged (so bring your friends along), as is wandering off to the bar. Kids are also very welcome, as long as they bring their grown-ups. And we try to keep the door price as low as we can.

Music is courtesy of the Katie Elliott Quartet - Katie on piano with Thad Kelly (bass), Jake McMurchie (saxes) and Daisy Palmer (drums). Additional 'sitters-in' are a regular feature. If you're a musician who'd like to do a turn, please contact us beforehand. Singers are particularly welcome. As of May, Andy Tween replaces Daisy on drums.

Unless it says otherwise, all events are at the Chipping Hall, doors open 7.30 and the music starts around 8. 2 entry for under-18s.

Sat 9 Jan  Jazz Café CANCELLED

with Greg Cordez (bass).

Sun 10 Jan  'Pianothon' Donations

12 hours of Katie on piano plus whoever else comes along to join in. 10.30am - 10.30pm. In aid of Under the Edge Arts and Casa Hogar orphanage, Peru. (You don't have to stay for the whole thing.)

Sat 13 Feb  Jazz Café 4.50 (4)

With Thad Kelly (bass) and Andy Tween (drums). Please note revised date.

Sat 6 Mar  Jazz Café 4.50 (4)

Sat 3 Apr  Jazz Café 4.50 (4)

Sat 1 May  Jazz Café 4.50 (4)

Sat 5 Jun  Jazz Café 4.50 (4)

Sat 10 Jul  Jazz Café CANCELLED

Sat 7 Aug  Jazz Café 4.50 (4)

Katie Elliott (piano), Cathy Jones (vocals and percussion) and Martin Harvey (bass).

Sat 4 Sep  Jazz Café 5 (4)

Sat 9 Oct  Jazz Café 5 (4)

Sat 6 Nov  Jazz Café 5 (4)

Sat 4 Dec  Jazz Café 5 (4)